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Young Lo, Xavier & Young Hardy)07 - The Interview (Skit) 08 - Gameface (feat. Kalena) 15 - Zexxxy 16 - Picalo (Skit) 17 - Re-Up (feat.Thegroup didn't attain much success, debuting on Virgin Records in1996 with Doomsday: Forever RSO then quickly disappearing.

Tycoon, Cognito, One Monzta & Picalo22 - Tha Departed (feat. Ugly & The 1st 48) min Release Notes: It's been more than two years since the world has heard new musicfrom one of Hip Hop's most colorful and intriguing icon, Ray Benzino.

Last Days Calling Benzino-The_Antidote-2007-MTDARTIST: Benzino TITLE: The Antidote LABEL: Seventh Floor Music URL: RIP DATE: Aug-16-2007STORE DATE: Aug-21-2007GENRE: Hip-Hop QUALITY: VBR / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo SIZE: 104,9 MBTrack Listing:01 - American Z 02 - On My Grizzy 03 - A Bad Year (Skit) 04 - Pocket Full Of Grizz (feat. Ja Rule & Lil Dev) 09 - Scarface (Skit) 10 - Return Of The Nemeziz 11 - Kilo & Nate (Bloodline Skit) 12 - Huztle All Day (feat. Ballgrum, Lil Dev & Picalo) 18 - DJ Johnie B In Greece (Intro) 19 - Let It Bang (feat. Cognito & Lil Dev) 21 - If It'z About Game (feat.

Benzino then asks why Karlie is single, which causes Karlie to go into detail about her last relationship. For me, I didn’t think he was supportive of my career,” Karlie told Benzino. “Honestly,” Benzino says, “ever since that day that I met you, I can’t stop thinking about you.” Those were the magic words for Karlie, who loves the fact that a man has no problem sharing his true feelings about the woman in his life.

Benzino was saying all the right things to Karlie, which of course made her feel like their date was too good to be true. “I’m loving the fact that a man thinks I’m the one for him.

Keeping this in mind, it's no coincidence that Benzinoembarked on his solo career in 2001 with much support from hismagazine: among other endorsements for his debut album, The Benzino Project, he appeared on the cover as well as a fold-outcenterfold.

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