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But apparently women — or at least, certain celebrity women who fit a certain type — like this grossness in a man.

Or maybe more men should take their cues from Valderrama and wear more Drakkar Noir. He’s not a bad looking guy, either, and he’s been successful enough in the fringes of television since That 70’s Show to maintain a consistent career. I’ve”been blessed” in that department, he once told Howard Stern, claiming that his dick is more than eight inches long.

The two were rumored to have been dating on That 70’s Show. In the rabbit hole of Valderrama’s dating history, I discovered that — on an episode of Cribs — he bragged about a bedroom where “the magic happens,” displayed a bedroom with only a mattress on it, had red solo cups in his china cabinet, and — perhaps most troubling — he proudly wears Drakkar Noir cologne.

“With Audrina [Patridge on ] it was storylines; you do this, you do that. It’s great that Ryan is friends with his exes, but it hasn’t always been smooth-sailing for him.

He admitted to us that he used to cheat when he was younger.

They lived together, and she wrote an emotional song about their break-up.

Ashlee Simpson, who Valderrama said was a screamer and “loud in bed” Mila Kunis.

Is that the true appeal of Wilmer Valderrama: His larger-than-average dick?

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