Are alexa anderson and matt kazmierczak dating late 20s dating

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Grade: B- The extremely talented Alexa and Daniel seem like a match made in heaven.

Their incredible abilities were paired with Dee Caspary's contemporary choreography that revealed a stunning routine set around a bathtub.

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In a routine choreographed by Sean Cheesman, Janaya had to seduce Brandon.

The up-tempo Broadway number finally brought forth both their personalities and their dance abilities, taking the couple a big step forward.

Grade: A- Melanie La Patin and Tony Meredith were assigned to choreograph Eliana and Cyrus in a jive neither couple had ever attempted.

The ballet dancer and animator struggled onstage, with Eliana outshining Cyrus by a large margin as a result of her formal training.

The routine was fun, energetic, colorful and full of personality, and we all know personality carries you through this competition.

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