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By January 1943, the Allies were on the offensive in the Mediterranean.

They had held and defeated the Germans and Italians in North Africa and were now looking to open up a second European front to put more pressure on Hitler, while the German army was fighting for its life against the Soviet Union in Russia. Roosevelt and British prime minister Winston Churchill.

The following are lists of notable people who intentionally killed themselves. See also List of suicides in the 21st century and List of suicides which have been attributed to bullying.

Individuals who might or might not have died by their own hand, or whose intention to die is in dispute, but who are widely believed to have deliberately killed themselves, may be listed under "possible suicides".

That intimate connection between New York and Sicily could well be a two-edged sword for the Allies.

Having determined the next phase of the war, preparations began for an invasion of Sicily.

“In view of the friendly feeling towards America entertained by a great number of citizens of Italy,” said Roosevelt in a telegram to Churchill, “and in consideration of the large number of citizens of the United States who are of Italian descent, it is my opinion that our military problem will be made less difficult by giving to the Allied Military Government [in Sicily] as much of an American character as is practicable.” Churchill agreed, but in secret correspondence, his ambassador to Washington, D.

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