Free sex flirt ste - Advice on dating a single father

by  |  05-Jan-2016 16:35

If this is the case it is asking a great deal of you to put up with this!

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There are a lot of guys out there who have got a woman pregnant and then had to stay involved or at least be friends with her and in some way either see their baby or help with it's upbringing.

Some of them only provide financial support others get totally wrapped up in it and want to help far more.

If he provides a lot financially for them and he also does not earn a lot it can mean going without and maybe even asking his new lover to help him provide or go without things!

The father's ex may get jealous of you and not want you to spend time with their kids.

You should also make sure that he is not getting keen on you just because he finds it hard to cope and wants help or a ready made family simply to please the children. Do you like the children or do you find that they are a chore and you resent them?

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