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These figures translate to a cumulative risk of acquisition of approximately 5% over 20-30 years." "Based on 8,377 person-years ...the maximum incidence rate of HCV transmission by sex was 0.07% per year," a California-based study of monogamous heterosexual couples found in early 2013.Representative of the situation is a risks-of-sex chart from the San Francisco City Clinic, which knows a thing or two about STDs.

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(2% were positive going into the study.) The National Institutes of Health, in 2002, added sexual transmission to its list of exposure risks.

The NIH team agreed that heterosexual monogamous couples were at little risk.

A frequently cited Austrian hep C study from 1999 study found: "The HCV seroprevalence in spouses of patients with chronic HCV infection and viremia is 5%.

Sexual transmission, however, appears possible in only 2.5%, due to the results of HCV genotyping.

The real risk of interspousal transmission may even be half that (1.25%).

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